20 March 2010

I just need a hug

Today was the first time I was in an actual break. We had nearly thirty seconds on the field, with my teammate and two slightly weaker competitors, before we were reeled back in. I'm not going to say whose fault it was. I'm not.

I got prime points, I scored, and I lost no skin. Those are all moral victories. Tomorrow, we'll work on real victories.

Listening to K'NAAN, a Somali rapper, tell me about Western Union. Track is called 15 Minutes Away.

19 March 2010

Be my roommate

My roommate is skipping out on the April-June part of our lease, so I have to find a subletter. I'd make him do it, but I trust his judgment... less than I trust mine.

It's a 2br English basement on the Hill. It's awesome, and you get to be my roommate. If you're interested or know anyone who might be, let me know. My email is richard (at) gwu.edu.

Listen to this, and tell me that YACHT isn't ready to start a world-domination cult. The track is called We Have All We've Ever Wanted.