17 May 2010

Poolesville RR: just like grad school

"Survival mode." It sounded like Nick had to burn a match just to say it.

"Yeh," I barked. "Just like grad school," gasping, tongue out, searching for oxygen. "All you can do is survive."

We both did a little more than survive Poolesville; Nick took 24th and I took 10th of 74 registered riders. It was a tough course, but the final kms proved something that I already knew too well--I've got the legs to earn results, but I still lack the nerves. The field shattered slowly in the last 3-4k. "Disintegrated" may even be a better word. I had to move up about 20 wheels in those final stretches to earn my first top ten in an NCVC kit. Sam H. of Carytown Bike Co/VCU took a hard-fought and smart win. The warmest of congratulations to him. I hope to put that '3' sticker on my USAC license before he applies his '2' decal.

Had I been in better position before the gaps started forming, I would have certainly finished higher, and not in no man's land between two groups of five. These are the lessons. I look forward to the ToWC TT for that very reason. It's a chance to show off my legs (and guts) without my frail nerves to get in the way.

And just as I did Poolesville, it looks like I've survived grad school. I was among five thousand over-educated (and likely still unemployed or under-employed) kids to sit on the Mall yesterday while Dave Brubeck and Michelle Obama told us how to change the world. And dammit if they didn't convince me to apply for about six do-gooder jobs this morning. Aside, hire me.

Packing up my apartment, enjoying a dirty mojito recovery shake, and listening to Cudi and Vampire Weekend.

05 May 2010

and now for something completely different

My brain has been wholly occupied by school for the last 3 weeks. No longer. I submitted my last final an hour ago, and now I'm ready to focus on a whole host of other things: moving, getting a "real" job (hire me), and figuring out how to get results in these damn bike races. I don't want to be a four any longer than I have to be. Too sketchy.

I've had my head buried in my laptop for the last three weeks, so I don't really know what's going on in pro bike racing or anything else in the world. Thus, no poignant social commentary. Check back next week.

For now, I'm listening to Congratulations by MGMT. The new album is cool--kinda like heady beach music. More importantly, I'm graduating in two weeks.