30 November 2010

This is why you should buy First to the Line

A little while back, I mused on the possibility of a cyclocross video game. I think it's a great idea. I know you do too. Cyclocross video games don't exist simply because no company has made one yet. The market is there; the concept is engaging; it can be done successfully. But it hasn't, because no developer has made cycling a priority. moneynstuff, LLC is making interactive cycling entertainment (off the bike) its top priority.

When you buy a deck of First to the Line, you aren't just buying a great game and ideal rainy/rest/travel/off-season activity, you're supporting the company that wants to put First to the Line on your iPhone or Android device and Tim Johnson Cyclocross 2014 into your Xbox 360 and PS3. Help me get started now, and you'll be rewarded with glittering cycling entertainment options in the future.

moneynstuff, LLC also understands the importance of supporting the cycling community. That's why the company has already signed on to sponsor the GW cycling team for the 2011 season.

If that's not enough, buy a deck because today is my birthday.

Listening to Wet Hair, a Teen Daze cover of the Japandroids. Its on a short list of covers that exceed their originals in awesome value.

29 November 2010

not how i wanted to end my year

at the end of my warmup yesterday (taneytown MABRAcross champs), my legs felt like cannons. like the big fancy ones they have on usns vessels.

i lost maybe 5 spots on my start, which constitutes my best start as a B, and was riding very comfortably in the top 20 through the end of the first lap. at some point in the second lap, i flatted my rear tubular. this was at the bottom of the long false flat concrete section. tried to ride in the grass, but had visions of destroying my new wheels. ran. and ran. then got passed by a small group. kept running. passed by a big group. yelled to my teammate in the pit. kept running. got passed. kept running. changed the rear wheel, and zoom, back on the bike. i passed two dudes who passed me, but wasn't aggressive enough on the twisty bits in the last lap to pass nick.

ready for 2011.

23 November 2010

Famous on the internet with Rich and Nick

Learn to play First to the Line:

Buy a deck.

Come party at Asylum in Adams Morgan. 7pm December 2.

07 November 2010

Turkey cx

Results are improving, but my body is starting to feel like garbage.

I started the Carmichael time-crunch program about 9 weeks ago, and it warned me this would start to happen somewhere between weeks 8 and 12. It's awesome though.

As my fitness starts to wane, things are really starting to pick up on my other project. Check out the First to the Line site to get the scoop on the release party and other goings on.

Listening to the Bloody Beetroots' [expletive deleted] from above 1985.

01 November 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing...

First to the Line Bike Racing Card Game is the product of many many hours of hard work by some incredibly talented people (and me), designed to give you, the discerning bike racer and consumer, something to do when you aren't on your bike or watching other people race bikes on the teevee. Many of you already know FTL under its original working name "Bike Shit." The soul of the old game exists, but as a production-quality game, cards will shine like a brand new Pinarello running a Di2 electronic drivetrain.

Check out first-to-the-line.com to learn more about the game, pre-order a deck of your own, and sign up for the pre-release party!

Oh, and this is totally the announcement I've been talking about.