18 August 2009

Bring me your well-trained crazies

...and I'll race cross with them.

In my line of work, I get to meet lots of people every day--usually something like 250 folks. Yesterday, I noticed one of these 250 and felt a strange sort of cosmic connection with him. He was a wiry sort with a partially-kempt mustache and devilish soul patch, but it was his eyes that I recognized. I'd seen those enthusiastic rapid movements with a hint of crazy somewhere before.

About once a week, I'll have someone recognize my wheel-and-flag USA Cycling lapel pin and talk to me about cycling. So after the tour, this gaunt fellow approached me with his female companion. She asked me something relevant to the tour, and then with a bit of a huff, introduced crazy eyes to me: "and he's got a question that's not relevant to anything."

Perfect, those are my favorite.

"So I see your pin. Do you race?"

Whoa, actually those are my favorite questions. "Yeah, just finished my road season and I'm getting ready for cross. Do you?"

"Yeah, I race cross."

So that's where I've seen that crazy before. Cross races.

Dammit, I'm excited for September 20 at Charm City. Who gives a what about the shape my legs are in right now and how I'm about 28 lbs over racing weight? Cross races are fun. Always. Until the temp dips below 20F. Then they're fun when you finish top 10, which I'm not really into.

Listening to an acoustic version of She Moves in Her Own Way by the Kooks.

17 August 2009

This kit is magic.

This kit. This is the magic one. As my small hipster friend says, wearing the GW kit is kinda like I'm a lady, in that strangers talked to me.

I've competed in school colors before, and it was cool then, so I'm sure it'll be pretty good times riding for the first Commander in Chief of the Continental Army and his famed velocipede regiments.
Also, someone get on the road-results.com compiling duties--we'll all thank you and you'll be very popular. Almost like you're wearing a GW kit.

Listening to a pleasantly bouncy remix of Flux by Bloc Party.

02 August 2009

I'm still ready for cross season.

I had my first cross practice of the season a few days ago, and I forgot how absolutely foolish it is to carry a perfectly rideable bike up a hill and how painful it is after a few laps above threshold. Fort Reno Park is still an awesome place to train, but whoever maintains the place stopped cutting the grass on my favorite ride-up. Seucks.

In any case, I signed up for the Charm City CX race today--both the B and C race. I checked out the race predictor at crossresults.com, and it seems that I'm totally outclassed in the B race. So I'm excited. Also, I just saw that the crossresults guy(s) launched a new website--road-results.com. The cross website is awesome, in part, because of how widely it's used. We (and by "we," I mean "race promoters," of which I am not one) need to get on the ball with reporting MABRA races to road-results. If you're reading this, it's because you like seeing things on the internets machine that tell you about bicycle racists in our fair region. And given that our fair region is filled with nerds, you probably like playing with numbers (like the numbers on crossresults).

So get to it, promoters.

Listening to Ratatat's Big Slippa Mix of the Comeback by Shout Out Louds. I couldn't stop listening to the original when it came out a few years ago, and I have a feeling it'll be the same story with this remix.