17 November 2009

hipsters discussing cyclocross

do you think the elite racers will care if we smoke two feet away from them as they are turning themselves inside out?

mighty funny. makes me want to turn my skinny jeans into a basket of rags.

(thieved from xtranormal via Prolly)

16 November 2009

2011 Tour of the Bahamas

I want to race the Tour of the Bahamas in 14 months. I want to do it with a team. You want to be on that team.

You want to be on that team.

Seriously. Bike racing is awesome. Almost none of us do it because we make money. Hell, most of us spend gobs and gobs of money on bike racing. What's one more gob? If I'm still living in the US by next January, I'll be spending a long weekend in Nassau racing my bike in some disgustingly scenic weather and most likely, in some DC club's kit. So let's get on it now and start putting together a M 3/4 team for January 2011. Are you in?

Watching the Browns get demolished on MNF, listening to Florence + the Machine's Dog Days Are Over, and reading Things that were legalized before gay marriage.

06 November 2009

Preview of things to come, pt. 2

I got a text from my roommate earlier: "call when you have a chance. bad news."

He said there was a note from the mailman saying the box with my new bike shit was "Under Meter." The box was not under the meter. After a few moments of panic, I had him carefully describe the note to me...

"Where is the note?"
"On the door."
"How is it on the door?"
"Taped." [cue faint, hopeful music]
"Is the tape yellow?"
"Yes." [music builds rapidly]
"Is my signature on the note?"
"Yes." [the sun violently breaks through the clouds]
"I left that note. The mailman hasn't brought the package yet."
"Oh. That's good." [no shit]

A lot of money almost disappeared REAL fast.

Get muddy for me while I tux it up around Na$hvegas.

Listening to a La Roux and the Killers mashup. Super good.

05 November 2009

Preview of things to come

Detailed Results:

* Arrival at Post Office, November 05, 2009, 8:36 am, WASHINGTON, DC 20002
* Inbound International Arrival, November 04, 2009, 3:26 pm, ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)
* Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
* Foreign International Dispatch, October 31, 2009, 9:30 pm, SHENZHEN EMS, CHINA PEOPLES REP