28 February 2010

rocknrollas puke when they party

I love time trials. Nothing switches on the hunting instinct in me like catching sight of my minute man (or my two- or three- or four-minute man).

Good times. Most of my race report will find its way onto the team blog, but suffice it to say that I puked all over myself during the Navy TT today on my way to a fourth place finish (with the fastest time of anyone in the buff and blue, any category). Also puked most of the half hour after I finished. Yes, I am a rocknrolla.

Had Cutdown by Matt & Kim in my head during the TT.

23 February 2010

Wreckage and a clarification

Skin is starting to grow back in my pulpy parts, and I got back on the bike this morning for my morning commute. Hard training coming this week to get me ready for Navy weekend. I also finally tended to my bike last night after the wreck. Check out pictures below. I didn't take a picture of the back wheel, but the valve stem apparently broke off during the crash. Pretty gnarly.

I was advised by two of my most loyal readers (code names "Mom" and "Dad") that I might want to think about what I say about competitors in a public venue. So here are a pair of clarifications: first, it's my obligation to protect my front wheel, always, no excuses. Second, when strong riders on deep teams pull cheap shots like attacking the group from the other side of the yellow line, I get offended. Sure, your safety is the most immediately endangered, but the entire group could end up being plowed by an oncoming car for your stupid, illegal attack. Enjoy the damage to my shiny new bike.

This isn't where my helmet cracked, but it's bloody, so that's cool.

Poor, poor bartape.

Torqued stem from trying to correct after the wheel touch.

Listening to VCR by The Xx. Really makes the skin grow back.

20 February 2010

Rant and carnage - WFU race day 1

TT this morning. Went fine. RR this afternoon. Crashed. Notes: Marshall's one C racer is squirrely as a family of drunk squirrels. Navy has strong riders, but those guys race like rotten jackasses. Duke: quality guys and strong riders, the lot of them. If my sisters weren't married, I'd introduce any of those guys to either of my sisters (again, if they weren't married). Also, a shoutout to the VCU guy (bib 301?) who told me he reads my blog while we waited in line for the porta-stinkbombs.

And to my wonderful girlfriend, I'm sorry. It was wrong of me to make out with the pavement in front of all those people. I'm sorry to the public, and most of all to my fans. Thanks to Tiger Woods for the inspiration.

Now for the reason you're reading this at all...

Kisses. Listening to Cannibal Resource by the Dirty Projectors, 'cuz duh, the pavement tried to eat me.

10 February 2010

Igloo building festival, 12pm Wednesday

* No longer interested in being cooped up in your house.
* Very (or mildly, or not really at all) interested in building an igloo.
* Able to reach Union Station or Eastern Market Metro round lunch tomorrow.

* Building igloos.
* Building effing igloos.

Come to Stanton Park Wednesday at Noon to build an igloo city. Just think of it. A city of igloos. Then you should really get back home and hit the trainer or head to the gym. This should be a training camp week (after you build your igloo).

Learning how to build an igloo.

**Update: we're holding off until Thursday because of the wind and "life-threatening conditions." Stay tuned.**

07 February 2010

The finest snowman I've ever sculpted

Here he is... he's on the south side of the Mall between 2nd and 4th Streets. If you take/took a picture with him, leave a link in the comments.

Listening to Always like This by Bombay Bicycle Club.