27 December 2009

advice to a 2 year-old

Old people like to complain. We complain a lot, and most of us are very good at it. If you listen to us long enough, you'll hear that one thing we complain about an awful lot is work. B, those people are doing it wrong. Work, school, hobbies, passions: these are all funny things. If you do anything long enough, it's bound to upset you at least once. But don't let this keep you from doing anything.
Your challenge is to find the things that upset you from time to time, but you're so happy to do them that you could never imagine quitting. Sometimes you may not want to do your work, or you won't want to go to school, or maybe you'll want to just up and quit all of your hobbies and burrow into the side of a mountain and live like a muskrat. Those are the times when the next two words will become the most important words in the universe: zest and vigor. Look these words up or have your Mom explain to you what they mean. I'll wait.
Now, when you feel like quitting, take these words into consideration. Your attitude changes the way you see the world (and the way the world sees you, but that's a story for another day). I want you to approach your challenges with zest and vigor, and if you still hate them, then you're doing something wrong. Like I said before, if you're doing nothing but complaining, even after you change your attitude, you're doing something wrong.
When you do find those things that you absolutely love to do (on most days), give everything you can to them. Use every bit of your brain power on your homework. Ride your dirtbike as hard as you can. Make it your job to know or to find out the answer to every question your teacher asks, and while you're at it, think of questions your teacher might not even know the answer to. These are the challenges you'll face, and they're wonderful challenges. You, B, are just the man for the job. With zest, vigor, and lots of love,

21 December 2009

Reopening of Capitol Hill Bikes

I totally forgot the most important part of the entry I wrote earlier. Capitol Hill Bikes, my LBS, has secured a new location. They've been rocking the LIQUIDATION SALE signs for the better part of the last two months, and they got word this afternoon that they'll have a new lease in January.

The new location will be just down the road from the current storefront. They're moving from 705 & 709 8th St SE to 719 8th St SE. No word yet on when they'll be reopening, but rest assured that the Hill's most rockinest bike shop will still be alive and kicking (ass) in 2010.

So party on (and thanks for the sugar cookie this afternoon).

New and wonderful

Lots to report. I finished semester number three ten days ago, so I'm finally able to do a little reading of my own choosing. Unfortunately, this also means I'm getting started on looking for a "real" job. Does anyone want to hire me? (seriously, I'll have an MA in Security Policy Studies--Security & Development and Africa regional studies from GW in May. hire me.)

Also, the new bike finally arrived, in parts, over the last month. The final piece went on today. It's right around 17.5 lbs ready to roll. Also of note: I'll be winning the ACCC Men's C series jersey on that thing. Gotta keep the maglia rosa in Foggy Bottom, ya know?

What else... my license expired a few weeks ago, and to commemorate the occasion, my small hipster friend got me a piece of real art shit. It's a screen print called "Drop Sequence" by Anthony Cozzi. Super cool.
Oh and did you see that a cop tried to kill everyone on U St Saturday? Because snow makes everything fun, including waving a weapon around? Fantastic. Watch the video and read all about it at Wonkette. He's apparently on "desk duty" for the time being.

If you're traveling this week, safe travels. If not, lucky you. Listening to a remix of Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi and Psychic City by YACHT. Both excellent tracks.

08 December 2009

i've been MIA.

here's why.

in six minutes, tell me about ONUCI/UNOCI:
it's working, kinda, but they won't vote. everybody who wants power (and has guns) has power.

in ten minutes, tell me about conflict in E Africa:
ten minutes? gimme like 3 class sessions.

in 3000 words, what works about peacekeeping:
ooooh, well, sometimes nothing, sometimes everything. if they want to stop fighting, they stop fighting. if they're hell-bent on continuing to fight, they continue to fight.

in 4000 words, assess the relative value of terrain in the theory of Clausewitz and Guevara:
Che was obsessed with it, so he died. CvC fought on it, and usually won.

in 7500 words, should we recognize Somaliland:
yes. maybe. probably. they're doing so well without us, but they've got to be dissociated from Somalia policy.

listening to El Ten Eleven cover Disorder and Lovely Alien by Holy Fuck. Do yourself a favor and watch the video for it below. srsly.