31 October 2010


Let's be clear. This was originally part of a combo costume. Whether it was part of a double rainbow, a leprechaun/gold/rainbow, or unicorn/rainbow combo is up to you to decide.

One spot out of the points on Saturday for 26th place at All Hallows and 12th place today at Kinder. Both fun courses, both good workouts.

It's also important to note that this has nothing to do with my big announcement.

Listening to Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by Skrillex.

30 October 2010

Joe D and Michael Cera

This is a Public Service Announcement.

Joe D (Haymarket/Trek U23) may or may not actually be Michael Cera. Decide for yourselves.

Please note that this is not my huge important announcement. That should come Tuesday or Wednesday.

24 October 2010

Some things you just can't prepare for

If you don't get enough sleep the night before a race, it's because you didn't get enough sleep.

If you didn't put quite enough air in your rear tire, it's because you didn't put enough air in it.

If you didn't do your stairclimb workout last week, it's because you didn't do the workout.

If you get stung by a bee while fighting for position in the first chase group during a race, ain't nothin you can do about it.

Keep your eyes open for something appearing soon in this space. You'll know it when you see it.

Listening to The Xx/Deadmau5/Kaskade.

18 October 2010

hot and dangerous

You guys, I love the new Ke$ha song.

Unrelated, I feel strong right now. Anticipating results at DCCX.

04 October 2010

Great success: BCA and Winchester CX

I survived. Top ten in both my C races, and not last in both my B races. I'm most excited about the two hours of extra sleep I get before races.

The 9am race in Ft Ritchie was held on a course composed primarily of chocolate pudding. The 11am race was held on a course composed primarily of wet plaster. I prefer pudding.

The race in Winchester was [expletive deleted] incredible. What a course. Jim Barnett Park has remarkable potential as a cx venue, and the Winchester Wheelmen used every bit of that potential with their course design.

In any case, I've really focused this year on making sure to register within a few minutes of a race's opening on bikereg. The difference being in the first few rows makes is absolutely enormous. I started the day on row two, and was immediately top ten coming into the first set of turns. Over the course of the race, I think I passed one guy (and lapped a few towards the end), and wasn't passed by anybody. Solid race, uneventful, want to race at Winchester every weekend for the rest of the season. I took 7th and immediately spun out my legs to prep for the 3/4 an hour later.

Photos credit LP and Bruce Buckley

Big up to RJ from the Bike Lane and everybody else who pulled double duty this weekend.

Yesterday was also my last 4 race. I'll be racing Bs full time for the remainder of the season.

Listening to a mashup of MGMT, Justice, and the Ramones. Forget Clenbuterol; listing to the Ramones pre-race should be on the banned substances list.