19 April 2010


VT Crit championship yesterday. Nick gave me a perfect leadout. As I pulled off of his wheel to make my move, my cleat came out of my left pedal. I pedaled with one foot for four strokes before clipping back in to cross the line in 7th. Nick won.

Nick is a horse driving a Ferrari that's running on rocket fuel.

10 April 2010

Bridge fail

Day 1 of WVU race weekend. Nick won the Cs, Dan won the Bs, and Mona took a podium spot in the women's Cs. Big day for g-dub. I played the role of helpful teammate for three laps after Nick got into a 4-man break, countering App State moves while the break put time into the field. As the gap grew to 20-25 seconds, I decided to try a Joe D. and bridge up to the break. Three grueling laps of slow progress, and as the gap hit about five seconds, my legs no longer heeded my request to shut up.

The launch (pre-scrubbing)

Listening to Ambling Alp by Yeasayer. Stuck in my head for over a month, and I just figured out the artist/song title.

08 April 2010

Hardmen: wood rope & nails

I was exchanging stories with a classmate last night about friends who've beaten up or otherwise foiled their attempted muggers. He told me a story of someone, who we'll call Sparticus, who was attacked hours after moving to Austin, Tehas. He was walking home from a convenience store when some crazy dude jumped him with a 2x4. Sparticus, unfazed and seething from having his glasses broken, dropped his groceries and proceeded to beat his assailant "to a bloody pulp." After retrieving his convenient booty and walking a few short paces, he decided his rage was unsatiated. He dropped the groceries again, and continued to teach his new neighbor a lesson in fisticuffs, only stopping when he took his mugger's wallet. John went on to tell me that Sparticus, "a semi-pro BMX racer," was made of "wood, rope, and nails." Now that's a hardman, and that's something I aspire to be.

Going to WV this weekend for some racin. Mullet is in full effect.

Ray, take me home.

04 April 2010

Hey, Battley Harley

Why don't you have this on the backs of your bibs? I don't understand.

77 miles with some of the GW boys this morning. Lying completely still and listening to Stuntin like Mufasa, some sort of mashed potato something or other by El Ten Eleven and Li'l Wayne. El Ten Eleven is playing Tuesday night in Arlington(wtf? come to h st).