15 September 2011

and if you don't know

now you know.

moneynstuff racing isn't just the name of a stupid blog anymore.

now it's the name of a [not] stupid bike racing team. moneynstuff-Wheels4Life bicycle racing concern, now on your local tumblr. say hi out there.

alternatively, stay in and listen to every lana del rey song you can find. she's the internet's new girlfriend.

28 June 2011

Hey everybody (especially cx promoters)

Hey. Long time no see.

Cyclocross promoters, I want to give you First to the Line decks as merch premes. Send me an email.

Everyone else, buy First to the Line gruppos, the expansion to the incredibly awesome bike racing card game.

Also, listen to Go Outside by Cults.

19 January 2011

I need artists

Join my empire, and help me expand it. Details here.

Listening to Purity Ring - Ungirthed.