30 November 2010

This is why you should buy First to the Line

A little while back, I mused on the possibility of a cyclocross video game. I think it's a great idea. I know you do too. Cyclocross video games don't exist simply because no company has made one yet. The market is there; the concept is engaging; it can be done successfully. But it hasn't, because no developer has made cycling a priority. moneynstuff, LLC is making interactive cycling entertainment (off the bike) its top priority.

When you buy a deck of First to the Line, you aren't just buying a great game and ideal rainy/rest/travel/off-season activity, you're supporting the company that wants to put First to the Line on your iPhone or Android device and Tim Johnson Cyclocross 2014 into your Xbox 360 and PS3. Help me get started now, and you'll be rewarded with glittering cycling entertainment options in the future.

moneynstuff, LLC also understands the importance of supporting the cycling community. That's why the company has already signed on to sponsor the GW cycling team for the 2011 season.

If that's not enough, buy a deck because today is my birthday.

Listening to Wet Hair, a Teen Daze cover of the Japandroids. Its on a short list of covers that exceed their originals in awesome value.

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  1. I just placed an order for FTTL. I didn't see a comments section to enter "MABRA free shipping". Please ship free. Thanks!